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5 Fun (Inexpensive!) Ideas to Add to Your Child’s Next Party

5 Fun (Inexpensive!) Ideas to Add to Your Child’s Next Party

One of the things parents love most about hosting their child’s event at our facility is the freedom we allow when it comes to decorating. There is something so special about seeing the birthday child walk into their party and watching their face light up because their favorite character/ show/ book/ animal has been brought to life with the decor. 

My favorite part of my sons’ parties when they were under 5 years old was seeing their faces when they came in through the door. Their smiles and amazement made everything simply so worth it-- and those are memories I will cherish forever.

However, creating a memorable birthday experience for your child does NOT need to break the bank. There are many ways in which birthday party costs can increase quickly, especially if you’re hiring a themed character to attend your event, if you’re getting a 3-tiered cake from a sought-after bakery in town, or if you’re wanting a professional photographer to capture your child’s day.

13 Frequently Asked Birthday Party Questions We Get at our Indoor Playground!

13 Frequently Asked Birthday Party Questions We Get at our Indoor Playground!

Hosting a birthday party at Climbing Vines is a guarantee that your child will have a unique and fun experience! Every one of our packages includes a private rental so you can enjoy our play cafe with just your guests. Each party is completely individualized and we accommodate for nearly any sized event.

Whether you’re considering hosting a part in our indoor playground space or are looking to create your own indoor playground birthday party package, below are some frequently asked questions (and answers!) about our birthday parties.

5 Reasons to Book an Indoor Summer Birthday Party for your Child

5 Reasons to Book an Indoor Summer Birthday Party for your Child

If you live in an area like we do in Western New York with beautifully hot summers and cold snowy winters, you’ll know that your options for your child’s birthday party are largely dependent on the weather.

As an August baby, we always had small family parties outside at my house. But, with sons born in November and March, we are always left to book an indoor venue for their celebrations, if we chose to have them that year. While those with children with summer birthdays may seem lucky to have so many choices at their disposal, it can also often feel overwhelming.

While at Climbing Vines Cafe and Play may be biased since we host indoor parties, I wanted to share with you the 5 most common reasons we hear from previous party clients to book indoor summer birthdays with us. To them, the stress-free nature of the indoor summer party is a no-brainer, and they’re not looking back! After their first indoor summer party, they continue hosting with us year after year.

6 Ways we Deliver an Above-and-Beyond Birthday Party Experience

6 Ways we Deliver an Above-and-Beyond Birthday Party Experience

At Climbing Vines Cafe & Play, we offer a variety of services from classes and camps to open-play and private events. It’s our adult and child-friendly birthday parties, though, that we have chosen as our focus.

While we, of course, put time and resources towards making each aspect of our business the best it can be, I have found that having one primary focus helps us best serve our customers. Having one top priority has also helped our indoor playground stand out against our local competition because we have established ourselves as the “go-to” premier venue for private birthday parties, particularly for children turning ages one, two, and three.

But creating a stellar reputation takes more than simply declaring a focus. It’s essential that you plan your entire process, from the very first customer touch point to the last, with this priority in mind. There are a few different ways that we go above and beyond with our birthday party process that gives our clients such an excellent experience that they not only book their events with us year after year, but they also refer their friends and family.

A Train Birthday Party for a Two Year Old

Choo Choo Benjamin is 2!

I remember being so excited to plan this party for Benjamin because it was the first year he was really INTO something- TRAINS!

The party was smaller than his first, with mostly our extended family in attendance along with a few friends who came to play.

The atmosphere was wonderful- the children entered right into the play area and the adults got to mingle, drink coffee, eat, and RELAX!


This birthday party was in the afternoon, so we went with subs, pizza, veggies, and fruit, and everything was a hit!

The only thing I regret is not blowing up the balloons well ahead of time.  With all the food signs and little details- we simply ran out of time! Next time, I will blow them up at home before arriving! The other details were nice and appreciated, but nothing makes your theme POP (pun-intended) like thoughtful and colorful balloon bouquets!


Another way to take your themed party to the next level in an inexpensive way- cupcake picks!

They really stand out and are significantly cheaper than ordering themed cupcakes from a bakery.

Cupcakes are also much easier to serve to toddlers- I usually get BOTH cupcakes for the children as well as a small themed cake for the adult guests. These ones I made myself!


Overall, this was a wonderful and relaxed event, and I LOVE looking back at the photos of Benjamin having fun!

Our youngest was just under 4 months old at the time, and I was suffering from some mom-guilt since I had been focusing so much on the baby.

It was AWESOME to have a day and a birthday party all about Benjamin!

He enjoyed his birthday party as well- especially the cupcakes and all the TRAINS!