Welcome to Camp Climbing Vines 2018!


We are SO excited you've decided to join us for Camp! Please read through our frequently asked questions and fill out your emergency contact form BEFORE the first day your child's camp begins. If you have any other questions, please e-mail michele@climbingvinescafe.com


Frequently asked questions & Important notes:

  • Be sure to send your child in/ with socks!
  • Check-in for the morning session of camp BEGINS at 9:00am. Check-in for the afternoon session of camp BEGINS at 1:00pm.  
  • Check-out for the morning session of camp is 12:00pm. Check-out for the afternoon session of camp is at 4:00pm. 
  • Scroll down to find your child's detailed daily itinerary. These are made available one-week (or more) prior to each camp. This is a great way to prepare your child for their day or to ask your child questions when you pick them up!
  • Our camps take place indoors. Over the summer, we transform our gated-off baby area into our summer camp area. Campers also engage in open-play during camp, depending on that day's agenda
  • Your detailed agenda will be made available below one-week prior to your camp
  • Each camp has a maximum of ONLY 5 campers. There is one NYS Certified Teacher directing each camp. There is also another adult assistant that will be in-and-out throughout camp to assist with bathroom trips, snacks, and clean-up
  • Your child does NOT need to be potty-trained, but we can NOT change diapers. We suggest parents whose children may need a diaper change stay close to our location and we will call in the event a diaper change is needed
  • Since we are also open during summer-camps, drop-off children will be electronically checked in and out AND wear a name-tag and wristband at all times

What to bring

  • Water or drink (if needed- we do provide water)
  • Any necessary medical information or medication

Check-in/ Check out

  • BEGINNING at check-in time (see above), your child's camp leader will check your child in on an iPad. They will be standing at our play-area gate waiting to help you! They will give each child their name tag and wristband
  • Please be prompt at pick-up. Your child will be checked out via iPad. If someone other than you is authorized to pick them up, please include them on your emergency contact form. They will need photo ID.

Learn More about our Camp Leaders!

Superhero Skills Camp



All-American Doll Camp


Princess for a Week Camp


Animal Adventures Camp

Color Fun Camp (Parent-Attending Camp)

Kids who Care Camp

In this camp we will learn all about practicing kindness- not only when interacting with those around us but also when dealing with our planet!  Each camp day will consist of a read-aloud, a gross-motor game to get moving, an interactive lesson in manners or kindness, and a project that either benefits our planet through the use of recycled or sustainable materials OR a project that will be donated to a local cause or charity!

This is a wonderful way to open your child's mind to the many ways we can be helpers to those around us and still have FUN while doing so!  We will take special care to note how campers can integrate their kindness strategies into their everyday lives.

Limit of FIVE campers per session.

Budding Entrepreneur Camp

Has your child ever mentioned starting their own business someday?  Do they have a great idea but could use some motivation, encouragement, and advice on how to get started?  Or, do they just have the "entrepreneur bug" and are looking to have fun while brainstorming ideas? Would you love to get your child motivated for the school-year in a casual, fun setting? 

This Budding Entrepreneur Camp is something that WE wish we had the chance to attend at a young age!  

In this camp, we will create a lemonade stand business- but it will be SO much more than that! We will come up with a business plan, learn how to differentiate our business, calculate costs and profits, and MORE!

We even have one day of "LIVE" business where customers can come and purchase lemonade and other goodies from our stand!  On the last day we will reflect on how we did & discuss what may have made it even better.

This will be a unique & fun opportunity to learn about business first-hand from real-life local business owners!

Limit of NINE campers per session.

Please note this camp is led by Climbing Vines Cafe & Play owner Michele & assistants.

Suggested Ages: 7-13 years

Registration Cost: $150 (Full week only)


Budding Artists Camp