Frequently Asked Questions

What are your open-play hours?

Our hours may change seasonally, so be sure to visit our hours page for the most up-to-date open-play hours. If we are not open for open-play, check our events calendar, we may have something else happening! Be sure to register for events in advance.

How much do I pay to play?

We charge $8 plus tax per child, beginning at 6 months of age. Children under 1 are free WITH a paid sibling. Adults are always free during open-play hours! Each play pass includes re-entry for the entire day. We have plenty for even very young babies to do, even if they’re not yet crawling! Visit the photos on our play area page to see all there is to do!

I have multiple children, do I Have to pay the same rate for all of them?

You don’t need to! We have discounted rates for families with more than one child if you purchase a package. Our passes go up to 3 children- if you have more, please call for special pricing. Remember, adults are always FREE!

I like the idea of the parents lounge, but what if I want to use the play area with my child?

That's great! We encourage parents to play with their child as much as they like, and have full (socks-only) access to the play area. We even have café seating right inside of our play area for parents whose children prefer they stay close. We also have seating inside of our crawlers area. If your child is more independent, enjoy our comfy parents lounge where you'll still enjoy full view of the play area!

At what age do you start charging children to play?

Our rule is if your child is playing, we ask you to pay for them to do so. Children under 1 are free with a paid sibling- otherwise we begin charging at 6 months.  Our play area is geared towards babies, young toddlers, and preschool-aged children- which is why we charge for these age groups specifically.

I have a child that's older than 6. can they come too?

Of course!  We welcome children that are outside of our play area age group free-of-charge. While not permitted to use any of our play equipment themselves (no exceptions) they can help a younger friend or sibling play. If they use or abuse the play equipment, however, we will ask them to exit the play area and instead sit in the lounge.

I have an infant, do we pay to play as well?

If your infant will be using our play area (our sectioned-off crawler area recommended age is 6 months and up, but will have some toys for the younger babies to use as well!) we'll ask you to purchase a play pass for them. If they are tagging along while big brother or sister plays and the infant won't be playing, they can hang with their caregiver for free. We welcome and encourage baby-wearing here!

will kids or parents have to take off their shoes?

In our café and parents lounge, please feel free to wear your shoes.  Outside of our play area we have a convenient coat rack and cubbies for shoes. Our play area is strictly SOCKS ONLY. No shoes, no bare feet! If you forget your socks, don't worry!  We have socks to purchase and keep for adults and children for $2 per pair. We allow car seats and baby carriers in the play area but do NOT permit strollers. Feel free to leave strollers in the vestibule or by the coat racks and cubbies.

Can we bring in our own snacks or food?

Yes! We will have wholesome snacks and finger foods available for purchase (until they're gone!), but we are also parents and understand that our offerings won't work for everyone. We do ask that all beverages (other than bottles and such, of course!) consumed at our facility are purchased in our café. We will have complimentary water, and warm water for safely warming bottles. Just ask! While we are not a nut-free facility, we ask that you DO NOT bring in any food with nuts of traces of nuts for the safety of our other guests, and please wash hands before playing. You may also NOT bring in a birthday cake or cupcakes during open-play hours unless you are prepared to share with all other guests!

Is the play pass Good for the day?

Yes, once you purchase a play-pass, you can stay and play as long as you like, during open hours.  ALSO INCLUDED is same day re-entry, because we understand that many little ones can only enjoy play in shorter intervals.  

My child has allergies and/or food Sensitivities. What will you have for us?

We are working with local vendors to provide as many options as possible, including for those with allergies.  In order to ensure we can accommodate you, please call at least 24 hours prior to your visit and we'll do our best to make it happen! We will pay attention to frequently requested items, and have them more readily available if needed. Please visit our cafe page for our allergy-friendly menu.

I'm breastfeeding, will you have accommodations for me?

We encourage you to feed your child wherever and however you feel comfortable, but please ask if you'd like more privacy. We are happy to announce that we're the FIRST business to partner with the Finger Lakes Breastfeeding Partnership to help support you in your breastfeeding journey.

What if we leave something behind?

We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please do a double-check before you leave our facility! We do have a lost and found by our cubbies that is donated weekly. If you did leave something, please come retrieve it as soon as possible, within the week!

Can I use my friends membership card, or give mine to a friend to use ?

No. Memberships MUST be used within an immediate family ONLY. You may not allow other families to use your passes at any time, even if they are visiting with you. They will need to fill out their own agreement and purchase whichever pass they like.

Do you accept Cash & Cards?

Yes, we accept cash and all major cards including American Express. We do not accept personal checks and we are NOT able to accept bills over $20 at any time.

Can I have my child's birthday party during normal business hours at the cafe without going through the booking process?

No. We do not allow parties of any kind during our normal business hours. We, of course, allow birthday "play-dates" where guests may bring in gifts, but we draw a strict line at bringing in any outside catering, decorations, or re-arranging tables in the cafe to accommodate your "party". Doing so may result in you being asked to leave. If you are bringing your child on their birthday, please instead consider our affordable options (starting at just $5) for making your child still feel like the star of the day! We can display a personalized birthday message on our TVs, and even have a balloon and a treat waiting for them!  Learn more and reserve your child's birth-date here!

Does your facility enforce a play-area capacity?

Yes! We make sure the play area is as comfortable as possible at all times. Our play-area capacity is 20 children. If we are on a wait, we will allow families to wait in the cafe-area until a family leaves. Please ask for coloring books or other activities to use if you have to wait! 

I Have a package of passes/ membership. can it be used at either location?

Our locations are independently owned & operated by 2 local families. You can ONLY use play passes and memberships at the location you purchased them through.

Can you pay for classes or events at the door?

All classes and events require online registration. Please see our events page for more details and registration information. This helps us plan ahead and make sure our events do not get too crowded!

What is your play area like?

Here is a tour of our play area!

What is the cafe side of your facility like?

Here is a tour of the cafe side of our facility!

Do you have play equipment for children in wheelchairs?

Yes! Our playhouses are accessible via ramp and we also have many sensory panels available for all children to use.