Have You Ever Dreamed of Owning Your Own Business?

We're looking to expand our brand and we're looking for entrepreneurs like you to help us out!

Current Open Markets:

  • Buffalo, NY (Amherst, Williamsville, Clarence)
  • Rochester, NY (Greece, Webster)
  • Syracuse, NY
  • Albany, NY
  • New York, NY
  • Charlotte, NC

WHy Licensing instead of franchising?

Why Licensing instead of Franchising? Licensing is a lot like franchising, but without such broad restrictions offering plenty of room for creativity and growth on your own. The key ingredient for success lies in the intimate and cooperative relationship between the Licensor and Licensees, where best practices are shared to promote a thriving business.

With our Climbing Vines licensing agreement you are NOT required to purchase all your equipment and supplies through Climbing Vines directly, and you do NOT give a percentage of your sales to Climbing Vines. You start with a good name, good business systems and you get to keep your own successes.

When you license the Climbing Vines brand, you get a successful business plan, business support, and multiple resources with all the goodwill attached to the Climbing Vines brand.


  • Successful Business Plan
    • Access to our original business plan, along with consultation services in order to tailor the plan to fit your location’s specific needs for success
  • Business Support
    • Assistance with location scouting
    • Assistance during buildout phase
    • Design
    • Vendor Selection
    • Supplies
  • Pre-launch employee training assistance
    • Cafe area
    • Play area
  • Monthly Owner’s Meetings
  • Quarterly Review Meetings
  • Additional Resources 
    • Fully Managed Website
    • Social Media Optimization, Advertising & Support
    • Branded Material

* For full details on what’s included we will provide you with additional info upon submission of your application

At Climbing Vines we offer great support and encourage you to develop your own menu items, classes and other revenue streams fitting your customer base, your neighborhood and your style.

So, in short, you get all our support, systems and experience while retaining creative control of your Climbing Vines Cafe & Play! Our only restrictions are focused on quality assurance and maintaining the integrity of the Climbing Vines brand.


For more information contact:

Chris Caruana

Direct: 585.430.8008

Email: christopher@climbingvinescafe.com