Try an Unlimited Membership for 2 Weeks for $1

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Try an Unlimited Membership for 2 Weeks for $1

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Please note this option requires a card on file. You can fill out the credit card authorization when you pick up your membership. Your 2-week membership begins on your first visit (not date of purchase). Your 2 weeks MUST begin, however, before September 1.

Number of Children:
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Please note this card does NOT include event tickets, drop-off camps, birthday parties, or specialty classes.

NOTE: To cancel a membership, please e-mail with your cancellation request & reason. You will not be refunded any amount upon cancellation. If you cancel your membership before your term is up, the remainder of term payments will be due upon cancellation. If you chose a month-to-month membership, no payments need be made upon cancellation, and you can choose to cancel at any time.

NOTE: This pass is ONLY valid for the cardmembers listed. ANY adult can bring the child cardmembers to the facility with photo ID, but the pass is NOT transferrable among children. The cardmembers MUST be siblings or share a legal guardian. We do NOT permit friends, cousins or any other guests to use another members card. Doing so will result in instant termination of the membership with all remaining payments due at that time.

NOTE: If you have a second/ third child turning ONE during your membership- simply include them in your membership total (so we reserve the correct number of spots!) and we would be happy to calculate a discounted rate for months BEFORE they turn 1 (since under 1 is free with a paid sibling!).