Screen-Free(ish) Challenge!

We Have a Challenge for YOU This Week!


This week at Climbing Vines Cafe & Play we are partnering with our good friend and pediatrician Dr. Phil Boucher to challenge parents to learn how to set realistic screen-time limits that make their entire household function at a higher level.

Here's How to Accept the Challenge:

1) Download the FREE Present Parenting toolkit and get access to the FREE 5-day video series HERE

2) When you visit us this week, we will have challenge participants leave their smart phones at the front desk (in a secure area with a sign-in/ sign-out sheet) for 1 hour of their visit (just show us your emailed-toolkit on your phone before signing it in!)

3) When you sign your phone/ tablet out- you will receive a certificate of completion and a shout out on our Facebook page (if desired!). You will also get a FREE coffee or specialty drink AND snack coupon to use at your next visit!

Even if you DON'T Participate at the cafe- you can use the helpful resources at home!


We want to help empower parents with the tools they need to know what screen limits their children need- but it all starts with setting a positive example(which Dr. B will cover in day 2 of the free video series!)

After all- children may not do what we say as parents- but we can count on them to mimic our behavior.

We can't WAIT for this free video series and know you'll love it too!

***Please note this challenge is completely optional. Lets have fun with it!